Sample Considerations (In-call add $100 due in advance)

  • Up to 1 hour Meet and Greet in public $100 (required for new clients)
  • 1 hour out-call $300 (in Raleigh only)
  • 2 hour out-call $500
  • 2 hour out-call appointment plus Dinner $600 plus food and beverage; (4 hour max; Weekends only)

Other important info:

  • The considerations listed above are for Out-calls.
  • In-Calls: For in-calls, please add an additional $100 Non-refundable deposit paid in advance using an Amazon eGift Card to cover in-call cost or paid in cash during the public Meet and Greet.
  • Travel: For more than 30 mins travel outside of Raleigh, please add $50 non-refundable, due in advance, for up to 1 hour of travel from Raleigh (for 2 hour appointments on weekends only).
  • I accept Cash or Amazon eGift Cards only.
  • Screening is required for all new clients. Please see my FAQs for more information on why screening is required. It’s easy and painless. Your privacy will be maintained at all times.
  • Tips are always appreciated, especially if you have a great time.
  • Money exchanged is for consultation/companionship only and anything beyond that is a choice made between two consenting adults.
  • Please ensure you have reviewed the Etiquette section before submitting your request.
  • Complete reservation form for appointments