I knew the moment I saw her. I wouldn’t of recognized her six months ago. But she had that sleek sexy look with those “little too high” boots and a “little too large” bag for a purse. She walked almost nervously to the bar, sat down on one of the couches and immediately began texting. I waited in anticipation for what I knew was coming. About 10 minutes later and extremely handsome man walked out of the elevator toward the bar and straight up to her. He was so hot he made my heart skip a beat! She stood up and hugged him, kissing him on the cheek like he was an old friend. But I knew he wasn’t because he pulled up a chair, sat across from her, and leaned in intently to listen to her. Something a man would only do when first meeting a woman. They ordered some drinks, chatted for a while, and exchanged very intent looks. When they were halfway done with their drinks, he got up to pay the bill, went back to the table, and they left the bar heading straight for the elevators. To my delight, my suspicions were confirmed. She was an escort!

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