Wine Dine and 696

The exploits with Wing Woman continue with another wonderful gentleman…..

One of my favorite men contacted me several weeks ago and said “I want to take you and Wing Woman out for an evening of decadence”.  He had never met Wing Woman but I had spoke of her to him. His plan was to make a real evening out of it starting at a nice restaurant for dinner then drinks at another location.  It took a little time to coordinate our schedules since he lives out of town.  But he drove all the way in from Charlotte to Raleigh just to treat and spoil us two ladies to an amazing evening.

Wing woman and I dressed “to kill”.  I wore a “hot” tight black dress with fishnet stockings and rocking shoes with bling and she wore a beautiful velvet holiday dress.  He made reservations (CLASSY) at a really nice new small plate restaurant called Vidrio downtown on Glenwood Ave.  The place is multistory and REALLY beautiful.

We met him in the bar where he greeted us with a very handsome smile and wonderful energy.  He was dressed in a sports coat, dress shirt and slacks, looked really good and was an ABSOLUTE gentlemen even helping us take our coats off.  He complimented us both and told us we looked beautiful and very sexy. We had a few drinks and some great (non-sexual) conversation and he and Wing Woman got to know each other.  As we laughed and talked, I could tell that it was really going to be an amazing evening.

Eventually we moved to our table and we ordered some small plates including oysters on the half shell, wonderful cheese plates, beef carpaccio, chicken and a few other delicious dishes.  The food was delicious and the conversation gradually turned more naughty as the alcohol flowed.  Each course that was brought was a delight.

After dinner, we moved over to the fireplace in the restaurant bar for another drink.  They didn’t have what Wing Woman and I were looking for so we enjoyed the fire for a few minutes then decided to go to Sullivan’s just down the street.  It was crowded but we lucked up and a table left right as we were walking into the bar.  PERFECT.  Wing Woman got port and I had a White Russian.  I think he got a whiskey.  It was a perfect way to digest our dinner and relax.  He sat in between us with his back to the wall occasionally rubbing both of our legs and we all began to flirt and work up our sexual energy.  The conversation flowed so easy and we laughed quite a bit.

Once the drinks bottomed out, it was time to move to Phase 3……FUN!!!  He had a hotel room reserved right across from Sullivan’s so we had a very short walk to his room.  Once in his hotel room, it did not take long for the clothes to fall off.  I re-acquaint myself with Wing Woman’s amazing breasts and sweet kisses (we love to kiss) and he enjoyed watching.  She says I’m amazing kisser and she is as well.

He laid down on the bed and Wing Woman climbed down in between his legs and I commented how beautiful her mouth is especially when she has her lips wrapped around a nice cock.  I love to watch her in action.  She truly worships a cock.  None of this fast in and out or gagging BS you see in porn videos.  Just slow, sultry strokes like she found the biggest and best sucker in the entire world and she has ALL NIGHT to enjoy it.  She has a wicked smile and naughty eyes.  He and I kissed and enjoyed watching her for a few minutes then I joined her to provide double pleasure.  His cock was amazingly hard.

He left the bed for a few minutes and Wing Woman went down on me. She is better at eating pussy than most men. Yummy!! She pushed my legs together and licked my clit between my thighs. I mentioned how much I LOVE it when Wing Woman makes me squirt.  She was happy to demonstrate just how damn fast she can make me cum.  Working two fingers into my pussy, she moved them in and out hard and fast, my head rolled back, my back arched, I moaned with deep pleasure and in less than a minute…..GUSH “there she blows”, I came, soaking her hand and making a nice wet spot on the bed under me.  He smiled and said “I can do that”.   So Wing Woman laid on the bed and he proceeded to do the same thing to her and “TADA”, she came.   Thank goodness he had two beds in the room.  Sleeping in a double wet spot is no fun.

Okay, it was fucking time.  Where’s the condoms?  Once he was “suited up”, he climbed in between Wing Woman’s legs and proceeded to enjoy her amazing pussy.  I laid beside her and played with her beautiful breasts, kissed her and thoroughly enjoyed watching the two of them enjoy each other.  Soon she flipped over to go doggy style where he wore himself out and eventually collapsed on the bed.  It didn’t take Wing Woman long to go back down for another taste of that cock while he rested.

Then it was my turn.  Donning a new condom, he climbed into the bed and beckoned me to get on top. I grasped the headboard and settled myself on top of his cock. It felt really good. Wing Woman grab his belt and smacked my ass several times making it nice and red while we were fucking. He was sucking my breasts and I asked him to bite them hard as I felt the sting of the belt on my ass. The mixture of pain and pleasure is so intoxicating. My fingers dug into the headboard as I continue to work him then move down to his chest so I could push myself up and down harder.

I practically demanded that he fuck my ass.  Flipping over to doggy style, he was happy to comply with my request.  OMG! It felt so good to have his cock sliding in and out of my ass.  I asked for longer harder strokes.    My moans grew louder with the pleasure and eventually I came again.   Wing Woman said “Jeez, what am I missing” (she’s not a fan of anal….yet). He again pulled out exhausted and collapsed onto the bed.  We had truly worn him out.   But we were two happy and spoiled females.  We dressed, kissed him goodnight, locked arm in arm and rode off into the sunset in her JAG….until the next time our cowboy comes to town.

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