Young Latin Lover

This was one of my other past favorite Lovers. He was, at the time, the youngest I had enjoyed. Eventually we ended our escapades and he settled down with a nice young lady his own age. But he is remembered with fondness. Enjoy!

While not always mentioned in my blogs, safe sex with a condom is always required!!!

I think about his lips often. He has those big pouty suckable lips and hypnotic eyes. He’s young and Latin with a beautiful muscular body. Unfortunately he doesn’t come around often enough. He came from his job which is outside so he was all sweaty and dirty standing in the elevator on the ride up to my apartment but so damn masculine. He had that knowing sideways smirk on his face and a naughty twinkle in his beautiful eyes. I wanted him right then and there but I restrained myself.

Once in my apartment, I asked if he wanted a shower. “Yes, are you going to help?” was his response. “I will but first I want to watch you strip”. He removed his shoes and socks and walked into my bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bed sipping my wine watching him over the rim of my glass slowly remove his clothes in the bathroom. His shirt came off and I was able to admire those beautiful muscles and tan skin. I licked my lips in anticipation, savoring the feel of the wine as if it were his body. He asked if I wanted a frontal or rear view. “I love your ass” was my response as I smiled and sipped my wine. Fire flew from my eyes as he dropped his pants. That would be a most perfect ass.

Once he stepped into the shower, I put my wine glass down and removed my own clothing to join him. He eagerly welcomed me. I began working the soap over the front of his body paying special attention to his genitals. Little moans of pleasure escape his lips and I smiled. He suckled and nibbled on my breasts and it felt OH SO GOOD. Once I finished the front, he turned so I could work the back. Spreading the soap across his beautiful back and shoulders filled me with desire. I worked my soapy hands up and down the crack of his ass and once again, he moaned. I finished up by rubbing my soapy breasts across his back.

He turned to me and pulled my body to his and kissed my breasts again. His hands were all over my body grasping in desire. His cock was so hard against me. I turned around and bent over putting one leg up on the side of the tub he went down on me in the shower licking my ass and pussy. Yummy. Damn that’s hot!!!!

He turned off the shower. It was time to move this erotic adventure to the bed.

We dried and laid on the bed. His hands pushed me over to my stomach so he could lick my ass and pussy from behind again. He worked a finger in my pussy and finger fucked it very hard. Moaning in pleasure, it did not take long for me to get wet. Once his fingers left me, I turned over to find him. “Kiss me!!!” was my demand which he passionalitly met. I wanted that bottom lip dammit!! “I think of your lips often” I said, which was so true. I savored the feel and taste. He wrapped his stick and entered me easily.

He is a demanding Lover. While he can fuck slow and easy, he prefers it hard and fast. Really hard! His breathing grew ragged as his pace quickens. It was not easy to leave his back without my nail marks. He slowed on occasion to catch his breath.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, he laid down beside me. I knelt between his legs to do my best to please him. I’ve learned a few lessons from Wing Woman so I made sure to make eye contact as I slowly ran my tongue over the head of his cock, rubbing the underside of it slowly against the rough part of my tongue. His head and eyes rolled back at the same time and a moan escaped his lips. I took him slowly deeper into my mouth working further down the shaft to my gag point. Then returning to just the head to repeat the former pleasures. Back down the shaft to work his cock deeper into my mouth again. I felt his cock throb and pulse and looked at him with a warning. “Don’t cum in my mouth”. He was disappointed but we had more to do. I worked down to the balls to suckle them.

I climbed up his body and braced my hands against the headboard so he could enter me. He fucked me hard and fast from underneath, grasping and sucking on my breasts. His hands began to work my ass and his finger played around my asshole. “You like to play with my ass?” I said. “I want to fuck your ass” was his almost predictable response. “Bring it” was my response with a slow sexy smile. His hands eagerly felt between us to move his cock from my very wet pussy to my ass. He felt so good. “I want you to fuck my ass doggie style”. His response was to jump up and climb behind.

At my behest, he entered my ass slowly but I could feel his self restraint slipping. As his strokes increased, I could hear his moans of pleasure. “Harder” I demanded. Moaning his pleasure, he proceeded to bang the shit out of my ass. I told him I wanted him to cum in my ass and it did not take long for him to do just that. I felt his body spasm and his cock pulse with waves of pleasure. God I love to feel a man cum. So good. He collapsed against my back breathing heavily and very sated. I hope to see my Latin Lover again soon.

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