Sex Club and Friends

Let me introduce you to Wing Woman and Ferris. In my TV series (yet to be picked up), these two will be major characters. During my exploration of the “LifeStyle” (Swingers version), I sought out and found a like minded woman to go to events with during my discovery of my sensuality. We became really good friends (still are) and she and I had so many FMF’s that I kinda lost count. She could teach a master class in giving head and I seriously LOVE watching her wrap her beautiful lips around a cock (and have watched in ahhhhh many times).

Now for Ferris, well, most of our adventures have not made it into blogs because we don’t want anyone to know about them until we are dead and gone. Yeah, they are that good. We met on Tinder. I remember walking into the restaurant and seeing him. He took my breath away he was so handsome. He was SOOO sweet and a very naughty young man at the same time.

Both Wing Woman and Ferris are VERY good friends of mine to this day but I wrote this blog April of 2017 originally. I love that Sex brought these two amazing people into my life. I love them and we have had several adventures together. Only a few of which I’ve written about. Some I did and I will have to post them later. Enjoy!!!! Welcome Ferris and Wing Woman to our bed time stories.

—————————————————- Original Blog —————————————————

So I have a lover that lives at the beach and I only get to see him about once every month or other month unfortunately but we text almost daily.  He looks like so much like a young Matthew Broderick that his nickname is Ferris in the Lifestyle.  We tell each other just about everything and even whine and complain to each other about dating stuff.  We also seem to compete on a weekly basis to see who can be the biggest slut.  It’s a fun relationship.

So he was telling me about a sex club at the beach that he frequents and suggested we should check it out next time I’m in town.  I suggested we get a hotel room and invite a few of his friends and mine and make it a grand shin-dig.  Well, turns out none of my other Lovers could make it but I was able to get my awesome Wing-Woman to join us.  He was able to get one of his main squeezes (aka Blondie) to join us and one other couple.  So it was two horny men and four amazingly HOT women in our core party!!!

Wing-Woman and I were so excited about the trip that we rode together and arrived in the early afternoon.  We decided to head to the beach and enjoy the weather.  It was SOOO glorious.  Such a beautiful day for March.  Afterwards, we got some supplies (food, drinks, condoms, lube, etc) and settled into the hotel.  We both brought so many clothes to wear that of course a fashion show was in order.  We settled on three outfits for the night: a elegant but sexy dress for dinner; something a bit sluttier to go into the club and a sheer cover for later in the night to throw on after sex.

We started with dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant.  I introduced Blondie and a new cute little blonde married woman (that I came to enjoy later), to a drink I was introduced to in New York by a REALLY HOT Bartender called a French Kiss Martini (Pineapple juice, Chambord Liquor, Vodka and a splash of Champagne on top).  We had several of these to warm things up.  I had heard so much about Blondie from Ferris that I couldn’t wait to meet her.  She was so very sweet, sexy and cute.  We all relaxed and got to know each other over dinner.  By the end of dinner, hands were starting to move over other people’s bodies and skits were flying up (and we were still in public).  We all wanted to take our cute blonde waitress with us for the evening and show her a whole new world.  Ferris made his best attempts but alas, his charms were waning (LOL).   She really did not know what to make of us.   It was a fun start to the eve.  Then we headed to the club.

In the truck I changed from a slightly slutty black dress to a full on black slut dress that my Wing-Woman loaned me.  Love that dress!!!! It was a small club, very quaint.  We had a nice tour of the place which included a main dance area with a pole and a several themed rooms.  The people were extremely nice.   After the tour, Wing-Woman changed straight into her sheer with no bra and panties only.  She is amazing!!!  I’m a little more reserve and stayed in my dress.  We met some other couples and danced a bit.  It was unfortunately a slow night.  Watching the others groping each other was fun.  Eventually we began to filter back to some of the rooms.  Ferris and Blondie decided to jump on the sex swing.  I couldn’t keep my hands or mouth off Blondie and did my best to enhance her ride.

I noticed Wing-Woman disappeared so I went to find her.  She was strapped to a cross with the really hot married blonde from dinner whipping and tickling her.  A crowd gathered and we all enjoyed the show.  When they were done, I yelled, “I’M NEXT!!!” and jumped in.  Wow, I like it.  A lot.  I kept saying “harder, harder, harder”.  I wanted to feel some of the pain.  I had some bruises the next day and I liked them.

When I came out I noticed a crowd had gathered in a room with a HUGE bed.  Ferris, Blondie and Wing-Woman were in there getting it on with a few others.  Hell, I’m jumping in the middle of that.  Yummy!!!  I think Ferris had Blondie bent over a saw horse fucking away.  Wing-Woman was participating I think.  At some point Ferris came over and fucked me but said he has to stop before he came (I have that effect evidently on most men).  He moved on to fuck Wing-Woman and make her squirt (1st time during sex I hear) and then pretty much every other pussy within reach (he’s very popular there being so cute and sexy).  I enjoyed eating and playing with several pussies and I think I made even my cute little blonde Dominatrix squirt.  I did have one other guy fuck me for a few min’s.  I watched Ferris have a DP (double penetration) with a couple.  He got the back side (his favorite).  He said I was next but I said “later maybe”.  I wanted more but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  At this point, I was SOOOO wishing some of my other Lovers has come with us.  None of the other men would approach me unfortunately.  There was an old man there that kept playing with his cock and watching everyone.  It was a little creepy.

Afterwards, we found the Symbian.  It was kinda in a closet but I always wanted to try it.  Wing Woman had the controls and I settled down on the a huge latex cock on top of the Symbian.  It was fun but not as stimulating and I had hoped.  There was a crowd gathered to watch so that may have made me too uncomfortable.  I have a hard time having an orgasm with anyone around.

Afterwards I think we all returned to the dance floor for a bit then it was closing time.  Only Wing-Woman and I made it back to the hotel.  Ferris joined us after a while and he and I played for a while.   Eventually we collapsed into bed and fell asleep.   It was a fun night.  One more of my many amazing experiences.

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