Yummy Erotic Foot Play

So one of my Lovers contacted me recently that I haven’t seen in almost a year saying he wanted some “afternoon delight”. I said “heck yea”. We met at a hotel after work and he greeted me with the sweetest kisses when I arrived. I told him I need to hook up my Bluetooth speaker and put on a little “love music”. He proceeded to stand behind me and do his very best to distract me from this very delicate task. He kissed his way from one ear lobe, down my neck, across my upper back, up the other side of my neck to the other ear lobe and then repeated. His hands found and caressed my breasts through my dress doing his VERY best to distract me. I somehow managed to get though the tedious procedure of synching the Bluetooth, connecting to the wifi and finding a suitable Pandora station before he turned me around to pull my dress over my head.

To his surprised, he found a full length fishnet body suit underneath. But alas, that did not last long and was removed on our way to the bed. There he settled me on my back and proceeded to slowly kiss and lick his way ALL the way down my body. When he reached my womanhood, he teased it lightly and then diverted to bite and lick my inner thigh, then down to my knee, his eyes looked up to find me smiling, he proceeded down to the calf, then the ankle, then….well, I never had the bottom of my foot licked before and it was very erotic. Then he sucked my big toe and did not neglect the little ones. It tickled and yet felt so very erotic. (Thank GOD I had showered just before coming over). When he was done sucking and licking my left foot (I was very turned on by this point), he worked his way slowly back up the ankle, calf, knee, inner thighs to my womanhood. Of course my clit practically jumped into his mouth at this point but he would have none of it. The other side of my body evidently deserved equal treatment. His movements were very slow, deliberate and extremely erotic.

Then he worked his way back up to my womanhood once more. This time it was to stay. His tongue lavished my clit, and his mouth sucked and pulled on my labia as my enjoyment mounted. His intentioned intensified and my passion mounted. Then he licked his fingers and inserted them to find my G Spot and work the SHIT out of it. I mean “for real”. As the juices began to flow, he was there to drink them up. He went to work like a man in the desert and my pussy was his only source of fluid. His fingers made me cum and his mouth drank my essence just as quickly. He could not seem to get enough and continued for what seemed a pleasurable eternity. I was not one to make him stop and enjoyed the continuous waves of pleasure his mouth and fingers ensued.

Finally coming up for air, I felt I should defiantly return the favor. I urged him to lay on his back and kiss my way down his body nibbling and kicking my way up, down and sideways and eventually making my way to his cock. His head rolled back and I heard a moan as I sucked it into my mouth. I looked when I felt it growing with pleasure. I reached my hands down to grab both his balls and pull them up to suck on them.

He got up to get a condom and I asked him to grab my butt plug and the lube while he was up. He returned to the bed to find me laying on my stomach with my legs spread. Standing beside the bed, he rubbed the lube between my cheeks and inserted his finger in my ass to lube it up. Then I felt the head of the butt plug press against my ass and gently, slowly enter. He worked it in out several times until it was all the way inserted.

I turned over and sucked his cock back into my mouth to ensure his optimal hardness for what was to come next. Once he was really hard, he donned the condom and plowed into my pussy. I was double stuffed and it was GOOD!!! The feeling of a cock and a butt plug rubbing the lining between them is very erotic. “Yes, please” I whimpered in pleasure. I felt his body tighten with release.

We relaxed for a while. I gave him a nice back massage which I love to do. And then it was time for round two. This time it was Anal fucking time. I laid on my stomach and he straddled me to lube up and rub the head of his cock against my presented ass. Slowly he push the head inside me. On the next stroke it was a little more. And then a little more. Gradually his pace quickened faster and deeper. Then we changed so I was on my back and he fucked my ass while standing beside the bed. Once we both had our fill, we parted ways.

This sweetheart of a man actually gave me the key so I could enjoy the room later if needed (which I did). What a kind gesture.

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