Majik Night

I had been teasing him all day.   Sending photos of myself nude in bed, videos of me playing with myself, and asking questions like did he want me to bend over and spread my butt cheeks or let him play with the clamps on my nipples.  “I want to pound you” was his sexually frustrated response.  Still, I was relentless and horny.  I had been tortured by thoughts of his amazing cock all night.  Lost way too many hours of sleep wishing I had his tongue on my clit.  Maybe it was a full moon or something but I was HORNY, and in rare form.  I invited him over for the evening.

I took my time to preparing.  Bathing and shaving every inch of my body, rubbing it with lavender oil, and little vanilla honey on the clit to make it sweet.  I took care to apply my makeup and fix my hair.  My wardrobe selection was very simple since we were not going out.  I felt sexy.  I laid out an assortment of toys that I thought he might enjoy on my night table.  And I remembered a very special toy that I had and thought would make the eve especially fun.

As I enjoyed my second pomegranate martini (made with tequila which makes me a little wilder than normal), my pulse quickened at his message that he was about to arrive.  I eagerly went down to meet him, drink in hand.  He arrived with two bottles of wine, dressed in a stark white shirt that complemented his amazingly tan body and the ripped jeans that clung to his chiseled body.  Jesus he’s hot!!!  I tasted his kiss and it was very nice.  We could not keep our hands off each other.  We were both awash with desire from the deluge of teasing I had started earlier that day.  It did not take him long in the elevator ride back to my apartment to notice I was ONLY wearing a sundress as he kissed and fondled my body.  Nothing else, no bra, no underwear.  His cock was hard.

Upon arrival to my apartment, we alternated between fondling and making a glass of wine.  It got hot in the kitchen for a few minutes.  But I wanted to prolong the evening.  So we gathered our wine and went out to the balcony with sly grins on both our faces.

Once we arrived on the balcony, I introduced him a remote control that operated the vibrator in my pussy.  At first he was a little timid but after playing with it a few times, he was like a kid in a toy store.  Loving my reaction when he turned it on and increased the vibration or changed it to pulse.

This man is intelligent AND hot.  That is a lethal combination.  We have the best and most interesting conversations.  As an intelligent female, I love to be stimulated more than just in my body.  We talked about several interesting subjects intermittently interrupted by the sound and feeling of the vibrator going off in my pussy at random intervals as he grinned his satisfaction as disrupting my thoughts and speech.  After a bit, I found him standing over me on the balcony.  He kissed me, felt my pussy as it vibrated.  I felt his very hard cock through his jeans which stretched almost to his side pocket.  I ran my hands inside his shirt to up to his amazing chest.  He unbuttoned it so I could gain easy access.  I eyed his belt buckle and mentioned how I would love to do more, but it was still daylight outside and we were in sight of my neighbors.  So he sat down, he grabbed his wine, his shirt fell open and I about gasped at how amazing his very tan and extremely muscular chest contrasted with his tan.  Adonis should be jealous.

We talked for a while more, then I got us another glass of wine.  Upon my return to the balcony, he happily played with the remote control to the vibrator in my pussy.  He was stretched out on the chair and I could not help but lean over to kiss him.  His fingers quickly slid between my legs and found my already wet pussy, spreading the juices up and down.  We moaned against each other lips.  His fingers felt sooo good.  He mentioned that it was darker now, I said yes it was.  I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants to pull out his amazingly beautiful cock.  I got down low to admire it.  Slowly taking it into my mouth, looking up for his reaction and approval.   His face showed his pleasure.  I slowly worked it deeper into my mouth at little at a time, licking the tip and then working my mouth down the shaft a little more each stroke.   I worked harder each time to get more and more of him.  Still, with all my efforts I could only get 2/3rd of him in my mouth.  He has one of the most perfect cocks I’ve ever seen.

I wanted it in me soo bad.  I turned around, removed the vibrator, and with my back to him, I settled my ass right down on that amazing cock.  I bounced and fucked his cock the best I could on that balcony for several minutes.  He felt so good.  Once I felt sated with that particular position, I sat back down in my chair and grabbed my glass of wine.  We chatted and drank our wine for a few more minutes, all the while, his naked cock was laying outside his jeans, begging for more attention.  I got up again, leaned over him in the chair for a kiss and asked if he was ready to go inside.  Of course he was.

After a refill of wine, we retired to the bedroom.  He removed his clothes and noted that I had laid out an assortment of toys including nipple clamps, a large vibrator, and an assortment of butt plugs.  We kissed by the bed and I kneeled down to suck his very hard and beautiful cock once again.

Once I had done my best to please him, I crawled up on the bed and he licked and fingered my pussy doing his best to get as many fingers in as possible. My pussy was stretched and sloshing with my cum. I could not wait to feel his cock. He climbed inside me and I came more and more. I could not stop coming. Finally I begged for a break. The comforter was soaked.

After a brief respite, I asked him to grab the nipple clamps.  He helped me place them on my nipples. They provide some nice pleasurable pain. He also grabbed the vibrator, then the butt plug to stuff me full working each one in and out of my holes. The mix of pleasure and pain was wonderful.  I begged for his cock in my mouth so we could mutually please each other. We were both moaning in extreme pleasure and this continued for several minutes.

Finally, we removed the toys and just finished up the wonderful eve with his cock in my pussy once again. It was such a MaJik night!!!

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